Friday, February 10, 2012

A good time to think back on why we did this.

After posting the last of the recap we went back and looked at all of our posts starting at the beginning. What a "journey" it has been. We still get asked what possessed us to do this and we still don`t have a real good answer. These two videos that we started our blog with are probably the best answer that we can give and a good way to end up our recap before we go on with the next posts.

I came home from work awhile back and told Gail that if I bought airplane tickets to go back would she want to go with. She said she would leave tomorrow!! Yes, believe it or not we both miss Ukraine! Our two boys, especially Collin would rather go there than Disneyworld. Right now that isn`t in the cards but someday we WILL be making the trip again. We would love someday to win the lottery and take a group over to do some renovations to the orphanages. We think that would be about as good as it gets. Stay tuned for for how it has beeen going once we came back.

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